Anyone Need A Puppy??? :-D

Okay, I already have a GIANT puppy of my own, but I saw this one on PetFinder and I WANT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is a little Newfoundland Girl. In case you're not familiar with the breed they are the gentle giants of the dog world. Great big fluffy sweeties!

I just have to make note of the STRANGE description of her though.

"She was found deep in the woods by a young adult hunter. The hunter left Susie in the woods and went home and told his mother about find a puppy in the woods. He said "Mom I just couldn't bring myself to shoot her so I just left her under the tree where I found her." I was afraid to bring her home though (they already have several dogs and cats of their own.) His mom said she was glad he hadn't shot her too and even though it was getting dark, mom and son made the 20 - 30 minute track into the woods to get the pup. Susie was still in the same place he had left 2 hours ago. They called LP the next day."


Why in the name of all that is good and holy would he have shot her at all? and that "His mom said she was glad he hadn't shot her too" makes me wonder if he didn't murder the poor puppies mommy! Why a wierd little freak! Now maybe his comments were taken completely out of context and I misunderstood them but this description makes the kid sound like he was doing the puppy a favor by not killing her!!!

Anyway...If you need a great big silly puppy then this might be the one for you. I sure want to go get her and bring her home!!!


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