Scary Sounds and Vampires

Listening to: This One's For the Girl's

I'm trying my hand this week at single parenting. My darling husband is in Orlando *grumbles jealously* at a Sharepoint convention. So Nicky and I and the pups are here alone. Not that I'm really worried or anything. Fippy, though his name sounds like he should be the size of a chihuahua, is in fact a HUGE part Lab who has threatened to attack my husband when he wasn't sure who he was. There is no way he would let anyone get anywhere near the munchkin and me. But it's still totally weird! I have never actually been alone an entire night in my entire life. Of course now I have Nicky with me so I'm not really alone, but still!

So now we're sitting here listening to music so that we don't hear all the creepy sounds that houses make at night! Where do vampires come in to all this? I'm working on a 3D Model in DAZ of my cute little vampire Arianna.

Off to play with it some more and maybe actually write like a good little girl!


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