*Pauses for Breath*

Okay, I decided the way to go with publishing is finding a good agent, and so I went exploring on my good friend the internet and found Nelson Literary Agency. I really liked what the agent had to say so I sent a query letter. That was approximately two minutes ago and my heart is still racing. Let's hope it slows down enough that I can fall asleep sometime tonight!

So here is to hoping, that she likes my query letter and loves my novel and finds a publisher within the month... What??? If we're hoping we can hope big, right???

My little Nicholai is snoozing beside me. He decided his bed was no place for him tonight and demanded a cuddle so, of course, I obliged.

*heart still racing* Perhaps I should consider a night cap and some yoga!

I just noticed something...At the bottom of blogger it offers me some suggestions for Labels for this post. Scooters is one of them. I wonder if it knows I like scooters or if it just picked random words. Speaking of scooters! I absolutely must ride my poor little metro soon. Its been sitting all alone for at least two weeks now, but its been so cold! Maybe it will warm up soon and I can take her for a spin.

Scooters must be calming, I'm not quite as nervous now.

Uh oh the munchkin is awake and demanding attention! Have a good night everyone!!!


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