Toddler Meltdowns and Working Out

The IPod is playing: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
(I'm stealing this from other places cause I love it. What I'm listening to is very telling of the mood I'm in!)

Okay, so my hubby goes to the Pulse Fitness Center near our house and given that I NEED to get in shape I was trying it out too today. They have a childcare center so I figured Nicky is pretty easy going and I'll just let him play for about 30 minutes while I do lower body and a little cardio.


I got to do about 6 sets of Reps on three different machines (give me a break I'm just starting out) and I see over my shoulder a VERY unhappy little boy and the lady from the childcare room. Apparently he was playing quite happily and suddenly looked up and burst into tears. Now this could have been because he wasn't feeling very well as he had his shots yesterday and that makes a boy feel cruddy. I'm hoping that was it, because despite the fact that this place doesn't have ellipticals. (Can you explain to me how you can not have ellipticals in an age when its the biggest fad in fitness!!!) Anyway, despite the fact that they don't have them I still would very much like to be able to work out. Its proximity to my house is a definite plus.

So I guess we'll try again tommorrow and see if the baby boy is more tolerant. I sure hope so!


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