Snow + Southern Girl + Car + Hills = Bad Idea

Listening to: We Can by Leanne Rimes

It started snowing about 11 this morning, but it was so cold I was sure that it wasn't going to mess with the roads. What the heck gave me that idea? So at 11:30 I start over to Lishy's house from work so we can work on some stuff and so that I can have some human contact. (Bryon is still in Orlando.) And the roads are NOT fine! They are in fact already getting quite icky! So after barely making it up a hill near her house, I finally get there. There is a lull in the snow by this time, and I realize that if I'm going to get home my best time is between the last snow and the next band that is incoming. So I get my little bear bundled up in his car seat and start home. About twenty minutes have passed so the roads are a little better. Rather than going up a hill with a super scary 45 degree angle grade, I think, I'll just turn down this side road and then go back up to the main road its only a couple of blocks...

Yes, folks, side roads are a poor choice when trying to get around in snow. Why? They don't spray side roads with that saline stuff! So I start down a tiny hill and the car starts sliding, and I pump my breaks like a good girl and NOTHING! There is a car coming but fortunately he gets by before I hit the curb and do a 180 in the middle of the road! So after about ten failed attempts I get the car straightened up and manage to get back to the main roads and home. But for the love of all that is good and holy it was scary!!! For some reason I got it into my head a long time ago that I was going to die in a car wreck in an ice storm. I know its nuts but so am I! And anyway this wasn't an ice storm so why worry right? Well the snoozing toddler in the back seat for the one and only reason!!! He slept through the whole trip home!

I've decided we're not leaving the house until it either all melts or we have to go get Bryon from the airport friday!


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