New Year's Resolutions

Okay here we go..

1. Try to...Stop cussing like a drunken sailor!
2. Try to...Stop calling my husband names even when he deserves it...
3. Try to...Get in shape. Not skinny fashion model, just healthy enough to have another baby.
4. Try to...Get Dana of the Whispering Wood published or get an agent so they can get it published.
5. Try to...Get the rewrites of Arianna Penndragon done by summer.
6. Snuggle my baby bear every single day!!!

I guess that's about it. Note the try to's. I don't really like resolutions because everytime I resolve to do something then I sit on my bottom (had to change that word...see resolution 1) and don't do anything! So I resolve to try to do all those things. Except #6 cause that is just a given!


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