Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Weird Things I've Blogged About

1 . How Much Blood a Vampire Has to Drink Before He Kills You

Sunday I wrote the longest blog I've ever written about this. It's actually a rant, but it required research. :-D

2 . Medieval Torture

I needed this for the book I'm working on. I read things that I just don't ever want to think about again! Things that are sooo not going to happen in my book, but I did get a nice grasp on what kind of torture is going to happen.

3 . The Evil Yule Cat

Did you know there was an Evil Yule Cat? It eats you if you didn't get your work done in time for Yule!!!

4 . A Pink Ring

Actually I did this one for my husband. It's so he'll know exactly what I want, when he actually gets his booty out there and buys it!

5 . A Ladybug Tattoo

I want one!!! I found the cutest one ever and that's the one I'm gonna get!

6 . Mutant Weeds

I had a weed in my yard that was white when it was supposed to be purple. I'm intrigued by weird things. hehe

7 . Lucky Horseshoes

This was actually inspired by an episode of Piggly Winks. I know. I know. I need a life!

8 . A Near Death Experience

Okay, I didn't almost die really, but it was scary!!! I was driving on the ice and did a full 180.

9 . My Passionate Love of Picasa

It's a photo viewing program from Google. It's so fun!

10 . My Theme Song

I've claimed a theme song for my very own. Suddenly I See by K. T. Tunstal! I love that song! I wanna be like the girl in it!!!

11 . The Games Vikings Play

I needed it for Arianna Penndragon.

12 . Writer's Insomnia

Those times when the characters are screaming so loudly in your head that you have no choice but to get up out of the bed and write down what they're saying.

13 . Rebelling Characters

I've actually blogged about this several times. Sometimes my characters just don't obey me!

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Anonymous said…
LOL Lesley I hate when characters ruin your sleep.

Great LIst

Anonymous said…
Hehhehe what a fun list!
Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
Writer's insomnia. That sounds so familiar!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm...I sure wish I knew why there were X's and Smiley's on my Mr. Linky thing...That is so weird!

Isn't Writer's Insomnia awful! Of course I do prefer it to writers block. ;)
Anonymous said…
What an interesting list, Lesley!

I picked up a book about medieval times, customs and torture about six months ago for research but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Sounds eeky!

Love the idea of an evil yule cat. LOL

The ice thing--yup, I did that when we lived in Chicago. What a heart-stopping experience!
Anonymous said…
Great list! I like to read all about weird things! You go girl!
Thanks for visiting my TT.

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