Fun with Bodily Functions

My little Finn is just talking up a storm and this is the truly amusing conversation that happened last night.

Someone wasn't me...Nicky was in bed. I think it was Finn but DH has been known to blame things on his children. LMAO

Me: Finn!!! Did you burp?
Finn: *giggggles and points at his mouth* I burped!
Me: *fake burp and looking surprised*
Finn: *looks shocked and then toddles over to me and points at my mouth* Mama! You burped!


Amanda said…
My kids' best recent schtick was about spider farts. I kid you not.

Something about bodily functions... Finn is well on his way! LOL
Katie J ♥ said…
Boys will be boys eh?
Lesley Speller said…
Vixen: He's a seriously silly little boy. hehe

Amanda: Spider farts. LOL I've never even contemplated the fact that spiders even poop... I kinda like them even less now. LOL

Katie: Indeed!

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