Opinions Needed

Okay, right now my hair is about down to my waist, and I'm getting a little sick and tired of it. Especially since my son is totally infatuated with pulling it. So not cool.

So I am contemplating getting it all cut off and donating it to one of the following charities:

Locks of Love

Children with Hairloss

It still remains to be seen if I will be brave enough to do it. ;) But in the meantime I've been playing with different hairstyles on InStyle's Makeover thing, which is BTW super fun! If you want to waste a few hours of your day take a pic and go there. You won't regret it. :-D

So here are the hairstyle's I'm looking at. And I may do sort of a progression of all of them actually. Really the first two and second two are variations of the same style anyway.

Try to disregard the hair sticking out of the bottom in the very short hairstyles I didn't get my hair completely up in a bun when I took the picture.

So what do y'all think?


Susan Luebke said…
I like the really short first two, but I'm afraid you would be in shock at the change. The fourth one is like mine. It is easy to take care of and looks really cute in the picture. Also, it wouldn't be such a drastic change.
Jenn said…
I didn't know there was more than one place to donate! I plan on doing locks of love when I finally cut mine. But I don't want it incredibly short, so I'm waiting another inch, hehe.

And my opinion is the fourth one :)
Julia said…
I alwasy wanted to tell you that I thought your hair at halloween with the "flapper" girl style looked awesome!!

You will look great with the short cuts!! I finally went with shoulder length hair instead of down my back about three years ago. Much more flattering and "hip." Ok now I feel like a wanabe young person... :)
Julia is right that flapper look was adorable on you! I love short hair. My only problem is my girls hate, hate, hate short hair and everytime I cut is short I have to be really, really sneaky and not tell them until its over. They always end up liking it, so I don't know why they make such a fuss!

As a mom of young kids I always ended up loving the shorter cuts. So much time saved, so easy to look good. But I have a really easy time going from super long to short spiky. It's always been easy for me, but it's not they way for all people so like Susan said don't shock yourself!
Meghan Conrad said…
I love the third cut, and it looks like it'd be easy to maintain, too. The first two are cute, but they look like they'd take a fair amount of styling in the morning--something I definitely don't have the stomach for!
MB said…
I would say 3 - it can be cute with less effort, but is still a great change. It will feel so freeing - I don't know how you've survived the hair pulling so long!
I'm all for three or four. And good for you for going short -- I look like a boy when I do it.
Amanda said…
I like the first and fourth. Looking at all the other comments you have this isn't much help is it? LOL!
Katie J ♥ said…
I like them all but my vote is the 4th one!
Unknown said…
My vote is number 1. I think it's just absolutely adorable! ;)
The first one is my favorite - like Amanda said, some help we are...
Losing 100 said…
That would be awesome to donate your hair. I like the 1st pic and the 4th. (although they are all cute!)
Lesley Speller said…
Thank you all for your input! I went with #3 without bangs. Was going to get bangs but I chickened out at the last moment. ;) It's pretty darn easy to fix, which was a big swaying point.

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