Happy New Year!!!

May this new year and decade bring you more joy than tears, more success than failure, more health than illness, and more peace than fear.

I know that the past year has been difficult for a great many people, and I hope that the economy and world are on the mend so that people who want to work and can have the opportunity and those who can't are taken care of.

Happy New Year!!!

How here is what I want from this year... :-D

To end this year 40 pounds lighter as I did in 2009. This may prove difficult as we're planning on starting trying for baby #3 this summer, so I may very well be pretty prego at the new year, but heck I'll give it a shot.

Really that's the only thing I have firmly in my mind. Of course, getting one or more of my books published would also be idea, but I can't really resolve for that so... ;)


Julia said…
Happy New Year!!!

I hope your goals come true and getting the book published would be awesome. Good luck with a new Baby too but OH how I dreaded being sick...
Happy New Year, doll! Baby #3, huh? Good for you. May it all go smoothly. And be a lot of fun in the attempts. :D
Ooooh, a new baby?? I like that!
Lesley Speller said…
Julia: Ugh I hate the morning sickness! It's soooo awful!

Susan: ;)

Vixen: New and the last! Pregnancy doesn't agree with me. hehehe

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