Thursday Thirteen #22

Well, I had been planning on putting up 13 pictures from my vacation, but my computer crashed yesterday and has to go to the doctor. I hope they can fix it, because I haven't backed up those 450 pictures I took. :-( I did upload all the really cute ones of Nicky to snapfish though, so at least there is that.

This brings me to the question I have for y'all...Does anyone have a good gremlin banishing ritual they would like to share with me??? Just this week, my fridge, my car and my computer have all stopped working. The car was just a battery problem, and it has been replaced. I still don't know what is wrong with the computer or the fridge yet though.

Without pictures but still in honor of my vacation...

13 Things I Did in Denmark

  1. Fed the ducks, swans, and geese at Damhus Lake.
    Nicky loved this! He was absolutely entranced by the birds. His favorite part (and keep in mind, he is a boy) was throwing the bread so that it landed on the swans back and then laughing hysterically when the swan got angry because another swan ate it off his back.
  2. Watched my son run away from the royal guards.
    This was terribly amusing.
  3. Thought I was going to die...
    The plane ride on the way there didn't go well... I was so exhausted that I was absolutely ill when we got there. So sick that I almost had my husband take me to the emergency room, but once I finally got a good night's sleep, I was much better.
  4. Saw the island of Fyn.
    It's the island between the one on which Copenhagen is located and the peninsula that is the rest of Denmark. It's pretty darn cute. Lots of old thatched roof farm houses. We also went to see Hans Christian Anderson's house, but it was closed.
  5. Turned 28.
    My birthday was the 20th.
  6. Ate way too much!
    I have to say breakfast in Denmark is always nummy. They have bakeries on every corner with scrumptious pastries and fresh breads. Yes, my friends, there is a reason they call it a Danish. Denmark makes them better than anyone. Although they call them wienerbroed.
  7. Saw Frederiksborg Castle.
    It was absolutely lovely. Nicky was quite a pain. I guess it's hard to appreciate a castle when you're two, but his Daddy managed him pretty well.
  8. Took Nicky to have pictures taken in front of his daddy's castle.
    Well at least it was the castle where his daddy lived when he was in the royal guard.
  9. Didn't sleep near enough.
    How come you always need another vacation after you get home? And I don't mean being home sick with the world's worst stomach virus as Bryon and I have been this week.
  10. Took Nicky to the Zoo.
    He wasn't impressed... We probably just should have taken him to a farm, because his joy of joys was petting the goats in the petting zoo and shouting COW at the top of his lungs at all animals that even remotely resembled cows. That included the rhinos and giraffes.
  11. Went on a canal tour.
    Nicky appreciated it for about 45 minutes and was then ready to get off. He much preferred riding in the party barge with his Grampa, because Grampa lets him drive. hehe
  12. Drove people out of a restaurant...
    I was SO embarrassed!!!
  13. Taught Nicky several languages.
    Bryon's mom is from Uruguay and dad is from Denmark so as you can imagine he heard quite the blend of languages and picked up some words from each one. I'm so proud of my multilingual munchkin!

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Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, if a little rocky to start. I can't wait for when we go to Europe.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful trip (in spite of the bad plane ride). Danish...yummy!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like a fantastic trip. And happy belated birthday, hon!! Major HUGS coming your way!
Anonymous said…
I've been following your adventures and it sounds like a great trip, other than the trial of getting there.

Now to fix those computers and do gremlin removal -- did you feed them after midnight again????
Anonymous said…
Oh how cool, I'd love to go to Denmark. Sounds fascinating!
Anonymous said…
Wow. I forgot you did all those things! What a great trip--except for the plane ride. :)
Anonymous said…
The trip to Denmark sounded incredible. Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
Hey, my cousin lives in Denmark and keeps bugging us to come visit :) Sounds like fun.

On a side note, I've tried to email you a couple of times regarding the very nice email you sent me but it kept getting bounced I gave up but I wanted to let you know I wasn't blowing you off, darlin' :0
Anonymous said…
I'm with the others on the great trip. And woohoo on the royal guard.
Anonymous said…
Your trip sounds wonderful. Happy birthday too. How cute that picture you linked to of your son running away from the guards! Happy TT.
Anonymous said…
Ann: I hope you have fun in Europe too, and that your flight is easy breezy.:-D

NJ: Dang it now I want a Danish. LOL

Christine: Thanks! HUGS

Susan: *looks down and kicks the dirt* Well...yeah...but, they were so cute and cuddly and hungry... hehe

WorksforMom: Hope you get to someday!

Jennifer: I was a busy girl. hehe

Sarah: It was alot of fun!

Lorelei: You should definitely go! It's a great place. Hmm...what email address were you sending to? I wonder if something got screwy when I did my vacation thing.

Vixen: Thanks! He's a silly little guy! I couldn't believe he was so scared of them.

Lisa: *whispers* I like to tell my husband they look like guys in band uniforms to torment him. :-D
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great trip. Clear out a restaurant? At least there'd be no excuses for a lack of service...


(OK, a screaming child in a restaurant isn't exactly the best way to get better service... *heh*)
Anonymous said…
"Yes, my friends, there is a reason they call it a Danish. Although they call them wienerbroed."
LOL - for some reason 'wienerbroed' doesn't have nearly the charm as a 'danish'. But you can't expect the Danes to call them danishes. It's like Canadian bacon. Here it's called peameal bacon or back bacon.
And my mouth dropped open and my eyes bugged out of my head at how beautiful Frederiksborg Castle is.
I think it's extremely cool that your husband used to live at the other castle.
Anonymous said…
David: Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it... They seemed rather grumpy with us after that... LOL

Julia: Isn't that castle GORGEOUS! I just love it. I told hubby I'd consider moving back to Denmark if we could take all our friends and family with us and live there. :-D
Anonymous said…
What a great trip!
Anonymous said…
so glad you had a blast.
Toddler is such a hard stage. They start terrible two's at one and half and don't stop til 6. Hehe do they stop then?
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had loads of fun. Happy TT

Anonymous said…
I am Teh Envious. I've wanted to visit Denmark for years. Hope you had a nice birthday.

Thx for the congrats over at Ann's blog. I really appreciate it!
Anonymous said…
I went to Denmark years ago. It was a great place to visit.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great trip. I'd love to go to Denmark.

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