No one ever told me to vacuum out the fridge!!!

How was I to know that you had to vacuum out fridges? I guess this should have been obvious. Anything with a fan sucks in dust, and we do have two dogs and a cat, and we have lived here and had the fridge three years. So I started looking for things that might have caused our fridge issues, and one of the things that it suggested was cleaning it out. I did. There was the equivalent of about three or four dogs in there.

Well, it was a day late and 250 bucks plus tax short. Oh well, less than a new one, and I really like this fridge. Apparently, the umm...relay switch...I think...bit the dust. Probably when we came in and found that particular fuse tripped. C'est la vie. Daniel from Mr. Appliance is going to get the part and come back and fix it for us. He's a really nice guy and is going to do his best to come by tomorrow. I knew I was going to like him when he complimented my picture of Dana that's up on my fridge. (Yes, I keep pictures of my characters on my fridge? What of it!)

Ironically the same day the fridge went out I throughly cleaned out my dryer...Which is less expensive than a new fridge, but whatever...

So it was an expensive lesson in home maintenance but at least it's learned, and I won't let it happen again. So remember! Vacuum out your fridge! Otherwise it can overheat. I wonder what else I need to vacuum out.


Anonymous said…
What??? I had NO idea you had to do that.

Huh. I learned something. LOL!
Anonymous said…
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know. I felt lame. hehehe
Anonymous said…
Actually, I was just about to slip my memory card into the little portal of a brand new computer tower, and noticed there was a clump of dust in the portal. I couldn't figure out how such a new, covered-up area could get so bad, so quick. Then I remembered about the fan thing and our perma-shedding dog. Made more sense but was still kind of scary.

I LOVE that picture on your fridge!
Anonymous said…
Julia: I'm glad you didn't fry your computer! Or your memory stick. My computer is still at the doctor and I don't know if they're going to be able to save my hard drive yet. *sniffles* Thankfully everything is backed up though. Thanks! I like that picture too. I've got a new version that I'm going to put up as soon as I get my computer back and get a chance to work on it some more.

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