Thursday Thirteen #25

I'm not feeling particularly creative today. I did, however, see tons of wildlife this evening, so...

13 Animals I Saw Today

  1. One Baby Skunk - I dunno if it was actually a baby, but it sure was cute! We saw it when we were driving home this evening. It was just running along side the road.
  2. Three Deer - Saw these tonight too, grazing next to the access road to the interstate of all places. I think the almost full moon has got them out and about.
  3. Vultures - There are always a few of those circling over us.
  4. A HUGE Dog - I swear I thought someone's pony had escaped and was wandering in the road!
  5. Crows - We have plenty of these too.
  6. Another HUGE Dog - This one lives with me though! ;) This is the giant lab mix, Fippy. He's a mess.

  7. A Somewhat Smaller Dog - This one lives with me too. This is Ninka, the Danish Swedish Farm Dog or Dansk Svensk Gaarhund in her native language.

  8. A Spoiled Rotten Kitty - Aine is the last of my animal companions. She is half Siamese, a quarter Persian, a quarter Himalayan, and 100% attitude. Hmm...the picture of her refuses to load. I think she must be shy. :-D Oh well.
  9. Two beautiful horses - We took a walk up the mountain behind our house, and there were a couple of really pretty horses. *Sniffles* They reminded me of Sheba's babies. She was my horse who passed a few years ago. She had three foals. One was an absolutely wonderful sorrel like her. His name was Sire. He was a little sweetie pie. I spent most of the first year of his life in the barn with them just petting and cuddling him so he followed me around like a puppy. We lost him in a terrible freak accident. The other foals were born when I was out of the country so I didn't know them very well, but they were a sorrel and a palomino, just like the two I saw today. And I gotta stop now before I start sobbing any harder!!!
  10. Squirrels - They live in my tree and steal birdseed.
  11. Chipmunks - These dudes live in my best friend's neighborhood and try to commit suicide in front of my car on regular occasions.
  12. Three Huskies - My best friend's dogs.
  13. One Hawk - She lives in the tree in my field and hunts her dinner there every afternoon.

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Anonymous said…
Ninka is so cute! What an adorable face. I have three animals too (five if you count the turtles) but I have two cats, one dog instead.
Anonymous said…
Cute dogs. We are a petless family for a variety of reasons.

Anytime I look out my window I see turkeys and deer. There is a cute little red fox I see occasionally. Rather her, than a mountain lion!
Anonymous said…
That's why I hate living where I so. I don't see many animals. Mostly squirrls and birds. Great list.
Anonymous said…
Wow...I've never stopped to think about all the animals we have all around us on a daily basis. Enjoyed your TT!
Anonymous said…
... and a partridge in a pear tree?

Really, you saw almost everything BUT, you know!

Sounds like a neat day. Around here, I see a lot of squirrels and chipmunks -- and even more road kill. *sigh* Poor babies.
Anonymous said…

AWWWW! What's not to love about dat face?
Anonymous said…
Where DO you live, girl? LOL!

I would have LOVED to have seen the baby skunk. :)
Anonymous said…
Ann: Thanks! She's a gumpy old lady dog, but we love her! I love turtles! I have been known on many occasions to stop and help box turtles cross the road. hehe

Lorelei: Thanks! Wow Turkeys? I don't think we have any around here, at least not that come out where we can see them. I think I'm going to start feeding the deer to lure them closer to the house.

Moondancer: You should move to the country! hehe I never did like living in the city either.

Cindy: Squirrels are always entertaining! They really enjoy taunting our dogs.

Susan: I wonder what a partridge even looks like! hmmm...Road kill makes me so sad!

Carolan: And that face is why he came home with me from the pound! That and the fact that he put his big massive paws on my shoulder and gave me a kiss. LOL I'm such a sucker!

Jennifer: Northwest Arkansas. We're actually really close to a big (well relatively big) city but it hasn't been big for long so you can still see herds of deer occasionally in town. LOL The skunk was so freakin adorable!
Anonymous said…
Were you trying to post Aine's mixing bowl picture? That one's my favorite, hehehe.

Mac's stalking the back corner of the yard today, looking for the squirrel that ran across the top of the fence... And my monster kitten is laying on my feet. That's all my wildlife so far for the day unless you count ants...
Anonymous said…
Do baby skunks smell? Coz they'd be really cute without the smelly :)
Anonymous said…
LOL Aine's not shy she's smart. Can blame her fr mischief if you don't know what she looks like.

Anonymous said…
Fippy! A heart-melter! And Ninka - I love the little tan eyebrows.

Very cool TT. My mom and I couldn't believe it when a pheasant somehow got under our fence the other day and spent about half an hour trying to find its original entrance. We have woods behind us, but we do live in a city and we've never had a pheasant make an appearance before! Normally we have squirrels, chipmunks, flocks and flocks of crows, seagulls if the weather turns bad and they fly inland, cowbirds, bluejays, chickadees, sometimes yellow finches, brown wrens, and the various neighborhood dogs and cats.
Anonymous said…
Love the pics of your dogs!
Great TT
except for the skunk - at least you don't smell like one :)

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