But, but, but...

What the hell happened to Torrid.com!!!!!!!


It used to be cute plus-sized goth clothing!!! Now it's like prepville! It makes me want to cry.

I'm so old! I mean, I used to tend toward goth, and since I've been writing the short I'm working on I've had renewed interest since my heroine is a goth girl. (Yes, I do morph into my main characters temporarily. What of it?) But lately I've been looking at goth websites and the stuff they call "goth" now is totally different! And I don't like it! Now it's all 80s punk! What happened to my lacy white shirts and long velvet coats! That is goth! Not this strange punk stuff!

*goes off to sulk and feel like the old lady remembering her goth youth that she is*


Well, the site says it's about hip clothes. Guess punk and prep flavors are in this week.
Me said…
See! They went and conformed! Bad Torrid!

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