I Smell Like Smoke!

But not the yucky kind! I smell like yummy woodsmoke. We got one of those outdoor table sets this summer that has a fire pit in the middle, but we haven't really gotten to use it until now because it's been too hot. It was fun. We made smores and had dinner outside sitting by. The trees are starting to turn and the view is just beautiful! It was a lovely afternoon. Nicky had a blast running up and down the hill with his dump truck.

We did, however, learn something about ourselves. If we got dropped on a desert island, we would not be like the cool people on Lost. At least not where fire building comes in. We'd be more like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Cause it took us about an hour to get it going, and (my darling husband will argue this point, but it is fact) we didn't really get it going until I pulled out the starter log I had forgotten I bought. So if we have a notebook, a barbecue lighter that is akin to a flame thrower, a lot of dry grass, and a starter log, then we'll be fine. Otherwise, I think we'll be eating a lot of sushi!

I also found a leather jacket this weekend at Name Brand Clothing, and I got it for a steal! It's so cute. I forgot how much I love leather. It smells so good.

All and all it was a great weekend. Now if my munchkin would just go to sleep I might be able to get some writing done.


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