Stinking Gremlins!

Well, they really did a number on my hard drive. It wasn't fixable. Fortunately, I think that most things were backed up. My writing is safe. I keep it in two different places and burn it to CD pretty often. Not that I'm trying to tempt the fates here. I'm not saying this is an infallible system so don't try to prove me wrong or anything!

But for the moment, it's all good.

Bryon managed to get my pictures from vacation off the hard drive through some mystical computer guru process. I dunno exactly how he did it, but he did. :-D So yay! Thanks, sweetie! I'll do my pictures from vacation Thursday 13 this week.

Now I'm going through the arduous process of reinstalling everything! *Whines* It's so boring! I could be writing! And I was on a roll yesterday. There was a brief lull in the writer's block that has been plaguing me with the last half of Blood and Violets. Of course, this probably means that it will come back since I'm not going to be getting any writing done today. At least, none worth speaking of.

I'm putting this at the very bottom of an unrelated post in the hopes of not jinxing it. I just can't not share any longer though!!! I GOT A REQUEST FOR A FULL!!! YAY!!! It was actually almost a week ago now. I wonder how long these things take. *checks her email again* I'm sure some of you are like, "La dee da, she got a request for a full. Who cares! It's not like it was a contract offer or anything." Well, it's special to me, cause it's my first one! *bounces* So I guess I'm gradually moving up in the world. hehehe

That, my friends, is all. Now I'm heading back into the reinstall cave. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the full request! Way to go!!

PS. Looking forward to the vacation pics tomorrow. :)
Anonymous said…
Jennifer: Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :-D
Anonymous said…
wow...... you held out for a while, hehehe. *huggggggggggggggs*

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