Did you know you could let bread dough rise in a Freezer?

OMG We have been soooo sick! Not Nicky, thank goodness, but Bryon and I. Apparently it was a virus, because we gave it to poor Lishy. I'm sorry, sweetie pie! Let me know if I can do anything! We thought for a little while that it might be food poisoning, because yesterday I opened the freezer and saw something that you just don't expect to see in your freezer...

I had one of those huge bags of like 72 frozen balls of bread dough for dinner rolls. Unopened mind you. So I opened my freezer and saw that the entire bag had split open because all the dough had defrosted and started rising. I should have taken a picture. It was ridiculous! My entire freezer was full of bread dough! Who'd have thought a freezer would have been a good place to let dough rise right??? Apparently something is up with my compressor unit on the fridge so neither the freezer nor fridge are working. The compressor just doesn't kick on. It doesn't even try. I swear the air blowing into the freezer was actually warm! So I'm wondering if somehow the defroster thing didn't get stuck in the on position. I don't know a great deal about fridge repair so someone is coming tomorrow to take a look at it. In the meantime, I've had to throw out about 150 bucks worth of food. Thank goodness I hadn't just been to Pass Your Plate, or I might have just broken down.

We thought we might not have noticed it was out and the sausages we ate might havhad gone bad. Incidentally if you love me, never feed me sausages EVER again!!!!!!!!! The thought of ever eating them again, whether it was their fault or not, makes me violently ill.

So then last night after I threw away everything in my fridge I went to get in the car to go buy a couple ice chests, some ice, and milk for the little dude...and the car didn't start...

I mean seriously! What the hell have done to deserve this incessant torture from the universe? So I called Lishy and Scott (her hubby) and they came and jump started my car with their handy hand held jump starter. It started right up, and I went to Dollar General. Yes, if I'd been smart I would have gone to Walmart and gotten the stuff I needed since they sell batteries there and there was really no good reason for my battery to be dead. I came back out and no, my car didn't start. So I had to call them back (I'm a terrible friend!) and ask them to jump me again. They were almost home. Poor guys! The wonderful friends that they are, they came right back. So I went to the house and left the car running while I made my hubby come with me, because I just didn't want to get stuck somewhere again all by myself with Nicky in the car, and we went to Walmart

The wonderful man in the auto-center tested it and then changed it when he discovered it was dead. It was a Walmart battery and the warrenty hadn't run out so it was just like twenty to get it fixed. That was good I was terrified it was something like the alternator, and it was going to cost a thousand bucks or something.

So we also bought one of those lovely hand held jump starters, and I won't have to call my darling friends again for a rescue.

I hope nothing else breaks in the immediate future!


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