Thursday Thirteen #23

Welcome to my 22nd Thursday Thirteen and my 200th post! So presenting...

13 Things I did on my Summer Vacation (With Pictures)

1. Saw one of the strangest blends of cultures I have every seen in my life. Witness La Petit Bankok.

2. Figured out what to do when Nicky is too old to use his pacifier. Hang it on the Binky Tree! Isn't that a perfectly adorable thing to do with your little one when it's time to retire the old bink?

3. Went to see my hubby's old home, Rosenborg Castle.

4. Learned that one of the kings of Denmark was a drunk. I can't remember which one it was, but the king who built this brewery drank 8 liters of beer a day. As our tour guide pointed out, he wasn't capable of holding meetings after 10 in the morning.

5. Took a realllly terrible picture of the Little Mermaid.

6. Wasn't impressed by the new Opera House. There are some that call it the toaster. I don't get that comparison, but I didn't like it. I'm just not in to the modern buildings.

7. Cruised through Ny Havn. Ny Havn means New Harbor, but this is actually one of the oldest harbors in Copenhagen. And here is an interesting fact that I didn't know before I did some research for our trip: Copenhagen, or Koebenhavn in danish, comes from Koebemands Havn which is literally translated to Merchant's harbor. The city has been there in some form because of it's amazing harbor since the viking age, but it wasn't fortified until the mid-twelfth century. I'll bet y'all didn't know you were going to get a history lesson today!

8. Finally found out why there are Three Dragons on top of the old stock exchange. It's hard to see them in the picture, but the there are three dragons with their tails entwined to form the point of the tower. The reason is that they represent the three Nordic powers of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They were once all one country but gradually became the three.

9. Watched Nicky take a plane ride he actually enjoyed!!!

10. Learned what the strange chair below is for. No! It was not some sort of weird sexual torture device. This was in Fredriksborg Castle in the meeting room, where the king would meet with diplomats and that kind of thing. He would tell them that he had to take care of something elsewhere and go to the chamber below the meeting hall. He could then sit in this chair and be hoisted up. We have to assume that he was behind a screen, because the trap door wasn't at all well hidden. Then he could listen to the chatter of his guests and know all their plans before hand. Smart, eh?

11. Decided I wanted to join the Elephant Order. It's an order of knights and I guess ladies, because women have also been inducted, who the king or queen of Denmark has chosen to honor for one of many reasons. There are people from all walks of life. The picture below is from Fredriksborg, where the coats of arms of all of the Elephant Order hang. This particular one is for Dwight D. Eisenhower. So... Queen Margrethe, if you one day come to my site and read this, could you please give me the honor of making me one of the Elephant Order? (I hope I translated the name right...) Order of the Elephant...well anyway you get the drift. :-D

12. Decided how I want my husband to make my patio... This one is Fredriksborg too, a view from the walkway into the courtyard. :-D The next two are also Fredriksborg. The first is a view up from inside the courtyard, and the next is a view back toward the castle from the gardens.

13. Went for a walk in the adorable seaside town of Dragoer. Where they apparently have black flowers. No, that's not a bad shot. That is actually a black flower. It was gorgeous!

14. Watched my son have a debate about the proper name for a goat. It was soooooo cute. Nicky was petting the goat and the little girl walked over and started petting it too. He looked at her and said, "Goat," to which she responded with the Danish word, "Ged." It was adorable!

15. Here are the swans he tortured quite happily...

16. Visited the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Well his house anyway. Not too fancy, eh? Guess it didn't pay too well to be a writer then either. hehe

17. Sat on the Hans Christian Andersen version of the Ronald McDonald bench. hehe Yes, there is a picture of me on it. No, I'm not sharing. It was AWFUL!

18. Watched Nicky commune with a porpoise!

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Anonymous said…
What a fantastic bunch of pictures. I love the one with the goat.
Anonymous said…
Ditto on the great pictures.

But none of you drinking Danish beer? Eating delish Danish cheese and chocolate?

I told you my cousin lives there and when his mom sends him a care package, she always fills it with...marshmallows. Guess they don't have the kind he likes there :)
Anonymous said…
Ann: hehe Thanks! He really did like that goat. We might just have to get one of our own. They are so cute!

Lorelei: Actually I hate beer. Bleck! And have you smelled danish cheese? hehehe The chocolate though...*sighes happily* I ate quite alot of that. And the pastries! yum! Okay I'll stop gushing now. They really don't have marshmallows there at all. Ocassionally they'll have like flavored marshmallows that are more like candy. I send my father-in-law marshmallows too. He's a big fan. hehe
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to visit Denmark. So many interesting places to go! Thanks for sharing the pics.
Anonymous said…
That looks like a wonderful trip. I would just love to see the little mermaid!
My TT is up over here if you fancy popping over for a read.
Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
Wow! Great pics!
Anonymous said…
I love the pictures and I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of your summer! I like 14 the best. What a mom I am!
Anonymous said…
Bonus, bonus and bonus. I love history and history lessons. Great TT. Congratulations on your 200th post!
Anonymous said…
I remember the binky days with my son. I was finding those things around my house for a year or more after in all the little hiding places. Your pictures of Denmark are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous city and adventure you had (despite the travel problems)!!

Happy TT, Lesley!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful shots - and congrats on your 200th post!
Anonymous said…
I loved Ny Havyn, so quaint looking. And what a cool story about the chair.
Anonymous said…
Those were great! I really enjoyed them!

Love that "strange chair" idea. That king was so clever. LOL!
Anonymous said…
What a fascinating vacation you had! Makes me want to visit Denmark. Hapy TT :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing. I've never been to Denmark but it's top of my list of places I want to visit.
Anonymous said…
congrats on the 200 milestone! and fabulous photos!!

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