Thursday Thirteen #32

Oops I totally forgot it was even Thursday!

13 of My Favorite Things

1. Raindrops on Roses
2. Whiskers on Kittens
3. Bright Copper....

Just kidding! Not that those aren't lovely things. hehehe

So here we go in no particular order.

1. My Precious Little Boy
2. My Darling Husband
3. My Family
4. My Girlfriends
5. Puppy Breath
6. Riding my Scooter on a Nice Warm Day
7. Naps when I'm Pregnant (I hate them all the rest of the time! But I need them so badly now that they are WONDERFUL.)
8. Snuggling When It's Cold Out
9. Roses
10. Springtime
11. Playing in the Snow
12. Autumn Leaves Painting the Mountains
13. The Look on My Little Boys Face When He Opened His Puppy Computer on Christmas Morning


Brown paper packages tied up with strings!!!!!!!

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes!

Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes!

Silver white winters that melt into spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love that movie!

Nice 13!
Come visit my delicious posting! I'm sorry if you are on a diet for 08, but I couldn't resist this post!
Gellianne said…
Hello there! I was actually singing the song in my head while reading! Those are really neat things.Some are my favorite also!
Sassy Mama Bear said…
I loved your singing :)
Great list. I never learned the joys of napping until later in life.
vixensden said…
Good list Lesley. You know, the only time I could nap was during my three pregnancies. Now that I am old, I actually miss that.

Happy TT.
Diana said…
Fun list...I can take a nap almost any time, anywhere!
Jenn said…
So did you get him the pink one or the green one???
Nicholas said…
Your choices are far better than that nauseating song!

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