No Thursday 13 Today

I'm just too lazy to think of any lists today.

I made the mistake of cleaning out all my cabinets in one day on Tuesday and my back is still recovering. I swear being pregnant makes me feel like I'm 90 or so. So I've decided to be completely lazy today and not do a darn thing. :-D

Then tonight I'm going to watch the season premiere of Lost! Yay!!!


Vixen said…
YAYAYAYAYAY for LOST! I hope Cousin It's Dir*ctTV (to which we are connected) is fixed or I am going to have to find some unsuspecting stranger with a TV and hang out in their living room.
Julia Smith said…
Considering all that mutual growing you and the baby are doing, you deserve to take a load off and relax. Happy 'Lost' watching!
Vixen said…
LOST was awesome!!!!
Me said…
hehe Thanks Julia!

Vixen: Wasn't it!!! I can't wait til thursday's new one! It's so exciting!

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