Thursday Thirteen #34

I'm a sucker for t-shirts with witty turns of phrase. These are just a few I'd like to have.

13 T-Shirts I Want

1. Well Behaved Women T-shirt
Mine is sadly worn out and needs replacing.
2. Boob Jedi Mind Trick
I found this one for the first time today. Cracked me up!
3. Cute Now Dark Lord Later
Nicky needs this one. :-D
4. Lost Blocks
I may just have to get this in a onsie for the wee one.
5. Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons
This isn't really the version I wanted, but hey...
6. Morning Sickness: Making Hangovers Seem Pleasant
7. I'm not Fat. I'm Pregnant. (...and Fat)
This one makes me giggle!
8. Power Corrupts
I think my sweet hubby needs this. :-D
9. Science: It's What's for Dinner!
I just love me some Alton Brown.
10. I Google Myself...
Oh, you know you do too!
11. Blogging
I think it's important to warn people. ;)
12. iScoot
13. Super Mom


melanie said…
# 7 makes me giggle too!
grace said…
All women are superwomen. We grow people, we rock!!
The Mocha Mom said…
I want #'s a web site called tittytops (sp?), you should go check it out, they got some of the best sayings. Like this one "If you start at my chest and drool, can I point at your crotch and laugh?" I love it! I am up too.
Michelle Hasker said…
I love the last one! you should sell those ;)
Fun list! The only saying shirt we own is one I got for Christmas: "Be careful or you will be in my novel"

Happy TT!
LOVE that last one; it sure puts things into a much-needed perspective.
Vixen said…
Those are all great, but I am seriously getting Butterball a little pink #3.
the mama hood said…
Aloha!! I love this post! Enjoy your blog too! Thanks for stopping by mine! Have a great TT!
shannymar said…
I've got a little something for you on my site!
I awarded you the Excellent Blog Award. Come and get it!
Heart of Wisdom said…
Great T shirts but I love your Super Power--Thats what I want on my T shirt!

I found you from the Excellent Blogger Award. I got it today for (its my other blog).

Glad I found you, looking forward to browsing your posts.


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