Baby Picture

The wee one was hiding from the Doppler at my appointment on Monday so we got to run down to the ultrasound room to make sure everything was okay. All was well and we got to see our little bundle of joy. It's much too small yet to tell if it's a boy or girl, but I think it's a cutie.

Yes, Miss. Jenn Jenn, I did label it just for you. ;) I know ultrasound pictures just look like blobs to ya. hehe


Anonymous said…
Awwww. Even my husband peered over my shoulder and said "awwww". So tiny and perfect.
Anonymous said…
You're such a sweetheart, thanks for the labels, LMAO.
Anonymous said…
We have a great ultrasound picture of my daughter. Her profile looks EXACTLY the same. (And she's five now!)
It chokes me up to look at it.:)
Anonymous said…
How exciting!! Thanks for posting it - and labelling it, too!

I've tagged you for a birth month meme...
Anonymous said…
Vixen: hehe Thanks!

Jenn: hehe I do my best.

Jennifer:Awww too cute! We have an adorable profile of Nicky too. He was sucking his thumb. So sweet!

Julia: Off to see what the birth month meme is. hehe

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