Answer Your Phone!

Dear Husband:

When you share a car and your pregnant wife is at home all by herself with the 2 year old, ANSWER YOUR PHONE! I don't care if you're still talking to someone. You can see my name on the Caller ID and say, "Just a moment, my pregnant wife is at home with no transportation. Let me just see if this is an emergency." Then answer the phone and say, "Darling, is this an emergency? Because I'm still in a meeting."

I would then respond, "Oh pardon me for interrupting. Just give me a call back when it's over because there are some other things that I need from the store to make your dinner."

Then I would stop calling you. It wouldn't keep ringing!

If on the other, you are not answering because your phone is turned off or you don't have it with you, then KEEP YOUR PHONE WITH YOU AND ON! I could need you. :p

Thank you!
That is all.


Anonymous said…
Yep, I've been there. Rant away; I know whereof you speak and I commiserate.
Anonymous said…
Arrrgh. Beat him with a wet noodle.

When I got hit by the bus, I tried to call Mr. Vixen, but he had the cell. I borrowed the cops phone. Mr. V did not answer because he "didn't recognize the phone number." Ahhhh.
Anonymous said…
Bad Bryon.... Can I beat him with a rubber chicken?? It's a long story, but we had one at work tonight during the birthday celebrations, LOL.
Anonymous said…
LOL! (Whoops. Is it wrong to laugh?) But men are THICK-HEADED. LOL!
Anonymous said…
Susan: It's such a pain isn't it!

Vixen: Oh, you poor thing! That's just awful! I always answer the phone even if it says not listed because sometimes my in-law's phone shows up that way.

Jenn:'ll have to give me the details. hehehe

Jennifer: Aren't they! I agree!

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