Thursday Thirteen #35

Hey! It's thursday! My clock is allll screwed up this week!

Goals for the Near Future

1. Clean out my cabinets!
They are a horrifically bad mess!
2. Go through all my fabric.
It's like a jungle in my crafts closet!
3. Do SOMETHING with the fabric!
I'm definitely going to make some of these for when the wee one gets here.
4. Come up with a menu plan for the whole of February.
I think I'd save money and time if I did this. We shall see.
5. Decide what to do for my husband's birthday and our anniversary...
6. Try to convince my doctor to do our ultrasound on Valentine's day.
You see it has more than average significance in my family. I "met" my husband on Valentine's day, he proposed on Valentine's day, we got married on Valentine's day, and we found out we were having Nicky on Valentine's day. (No those weren't all the same year. hehe) I figure this little one deserves a special Valentine memory too!
7. Decide what diapers I need to complete my diaper stash and order them.
I'm thinking these. I like that they are one size fits all. Well they claim they are. We shall see.
8. Do some kind of snow dance so we can play in the snow!
I'm sick to death of ice! If it's going to be cold and not snow then forget it!
9. Convince my child to complete the potty training process.
He's almost there! He just hasn't quite figured out that he has to take off his big boy pants before he uses the potty.
10. Start a Scrapbook for the wee one.
I need a baby book too!
11. Do more to Nicky's scrapbook.
I feel like such a bad mother!
12. Go through our Movies and ebay some.
We have so many we don't watch!
13. Go through my stuff I'm never going to use again and ebay it!

So much to do and so little energy. Maybe I'll check off one thing today.


Indonesian WAHM said…
WTG! I bet you can do it all!

pussreboots said…
Good luck with your goals. Happy TT.
yeah, I need to do some of that over here. I got through one of the kitchen cabinets earlier in the week. Does that count for anything?
Great list, but I really loved all the Valentine things. Now that is cool. I hope you get the ultrasound on Valentine's day. How cool. Have a great TT. :)
btw, the diapers look great! I used cloth with my kids and loved them. I think #2 potty trained so early because my diaper service closed and she hated using the disposables!
Sassy Mama Bear said…
I have never managed to successfully use all of my fabric stash before I buy more. Good luck with that one.
Great T13
AJ Chase said…
I used to scrapbook so much but I got out of the habit in the last year because of how much space it takes up. You should get that done before the second child comes it's so easy to get behind on that kind of thing. Good luck with the potty training.
Nicholas said…
People are so casual about putting stuff on Ebay. For me, selling one item is a tremendous undertaking!

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