Thursday Thirteen #48

There is an awesome website hosted by George Mason University that is a compilation of wave files of people from all over the world reading the same text. It's a study in dialects, and I find it incredibly amusing! Here are 13 of my favorites.

1. Pine Bluff, Arkansas
That's an hour from where I grew up. Yes, I do know a lot of people who speak that way. No, I don't think I do! LOL

2. Glasgow, Scotland

3. St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica

4. Darwin, Australia

5. Yole, India

6. Pretoria, South Africa

7. Haslev, Denmark

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

9. Helsinki, Finland

10. Drammen, Norway

11. Hong Kong, China

12. Casablanca, Morocco

13. Brooklyn, New York


Sassy Mama Bear said…
What a neat concept. I still have trouble thinking I have an accent, but people say that we clearly do here in WI.
Happy TT, hope you'll visit my 33rd TT...Fragments of Life at The Cafe.
Vixen said…
That was absolutely fascinating.

Only 58 days!!!! You are getting close.
Phoebe Jordan said…
Well that last one is in my favorite city. NYC has been my home since I was born and there are so many different dialects there that it will take you a couple of years to study them all.

Happy TT and hope to see you visit my 2nd edition about Nora Roberts at Talk About My Favorite Authors.
asterapallas said…
Great list!
Thank-you for posting.
Alice Audrey said…
Oh! Seriously cool! Thank you.
What a cool thing! How'd you find it?
T. said…
Interesting concept. I love voices.

My T13 is up as well.
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