The Mist: Two Hours of my Life Wasted


Ugh! We watched The Mist on Demand last night. I have to say. Not only was it completely predictable, but despite it's predictability it was one of those movies that makes you think...Well crap, why the heck did I just waste my time to subject myself to a movie that offers nothing but pure and utter despair? Now I like horror movies. This one wasn't even scary though... Yucky at times, but I wouldn't say scary. Granted, I'm not easily scared, but good grief!

I adore stories. Even badly crafted ones. So I'm seldom disappointed with movies or books, but for the love of all that is good and holy I wasted 4 dollars and two hours of Nicky snoozing in bed time on this that I will never get back!!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sacrificing yourself and saving me from wasting two hours of my life.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. That's crummy to hear.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: At least I saved you from the torture!

Jennifer: I know! It was really sad cause the ads looked great!

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