Why does getting dressed have to be so hard?

No, I'm not talking about myself although that is hard enough these days what with the trying to lean over and put on socks thing. I'm talking about my two year old! Why are clothes some sort of acid-laced bane of his existence???

And if it's SO AWFUL to put on clothes then why doesn't he ever want me to take them off??? I mean I have to wrestle him to the ground just to get him to let me take his dang pants off so he can use the potty, when he himself has just told me he needs to go?!

I do not understand this particular aspect of toddlerdom. Anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said…
Toddlers are not good with transitions. They don't want to change from unclothed to clothed. Then they don't want to change from clothed to unclothed. It has to do with all the big progressions in their development. So much has changed for the toddler, and he tries to hang onto something and make it permanent. Even something like changing clothes.

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