Thursday Thirteen #47

13 Reasons I Need a Wii Fit

  1. Because I can cheat! Muhaha! If I go from pregnant to suddenly not that has got to boost my fitness rating right?
  2. Because I'm in terrible shape!
  3. Because unless exercise is fun, I just really can't make myself do it.
  4. Because while I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy, I've still got weight from Nicky to lose!
  5. Because anything that will improve my crappy balance is a darn good thing.
  6. Because gyms don't have decent childcare… Seriously, how is from 10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm supposed to help someone who has a job? Really?
  7. Because even if they had decent childcare, Gyms are crazily overpriced.
  8. Because I will soon have two children.
  9. Because before I decide to have a third child I'd like to be in much better shape!
  10. Because it has yoga and hula hoop! How cool is that?
  11. Because the balance games sound super fun.
  12. Because it's for the wii, and I LOVE my wii!
  13. Because how cute would my kiddo look trying to figure it out!


Anonymous said…
I always get a huge kick out of my dog deciding that if I'm dancing or doing something resembling exercise, she's got to get excited and jump around, too. It's a scream!
Anonymous said…
Two days ago, all I talked about was the fact that I needed a Wii Fit. And that someone should buy it for me. Then. I played Rock Band. I think I am much better at being a rocker than fit.

But I really, really want to try the Yoga. And Rock Band is way more $$$, so maybe I will borrow all your reasons and start harassing kids with money again to buy me one.
Anonymous said…
My gym has MUCH better childcare than that -- and is cheap. You should move here. (like it's that easy!)

Using a Wii Fit is brilliant, actually. That could be tons of fun.
Anonymous said…
Wii has a FIT program? No freaking way!!
I'm totally adding this to my Christmas list. I'm lovin' Wii Sports (cause I suck at the real stuff)
Anonymous said…
I don't have a Wii but this sounds like something I need!
Anonymous said…
Those sound like good reasons to me!!!

Actually, I gained virtually nothing with my second because I didn't loose the weight from my first.

I'm still struggling with loosing the weight of my 4 year old daughter.

And I don't have a Wii, but I think I shall direct my DH to this post. LOL!!

Thanks for dropping by my TT today. :)
Anonymous said…
LOL! I want one too. Exercise definitely need to be fun!

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