Thebromine is Your Friend :-D

...well not if you're a dog...but if you're pregnant!

Okay, so I'm not saying that the chocolate is directly responsible. I am saying, however, that my blood pressure was lower than it has EVER been when I've been pregnant at my last appointment. It was almost my normal, not prego, blood pressure. 122/66

So if you're pregnant GO EAT SOME DARK CHOCOLATE!


Vixen said…
That is great news about your BP. Will have to go tell Ally now to eat some dark chocolate, you know, just in case! I am sure she won't mind.
Me said…
Vixen: Well I totally support the better safe than sorry method in this particular case. :-D
Jenn said…

*doing a happy dance with you*
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, heck. I'm not pregnant and I'm eating some dark chocolate. LOL!

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