Another One Bites the Dust

Why do I bother watching TV? Why??? If it's not a crime drama or vapid comedy it's probably going to get canceled and make me all mad!

Jericho is not being picked up by Sci Fi.

Apparently Sci Fi is changing it's audience aim, because it had been viewed as a "niche network." Um...hellllooooo?????? Sci Fi is a niche? People watch it expecting to see Science Fiction! Just like people pick up romance novels with the desire to read romance! Funny how that works, isn't it?

Blood Ties is also not being brought back, from what I understand.

Also there seems to be some waffling as to whether or not Moonlight is coming back next fall. Excuse me... You mean the People's Choice Award winner for Best New Drama? I mean, shouldn't it kind of already have been a given if it's one of the people's favorites? Oh...unless all you care about is that ridiculous rating system that doesn't seem to have any real meaning from what I can tell.

At least Eli Stone is coming back. That's something to look forward to. And network executives would have to be smoking something that isn't quite legal to mess with Lost or Heroes.

Maybe I should just not ever watch any thing's inaugural season. I'll just wait a couple season's in like I did with Lost and then when it seems stable start watching so that I don't get my heart broken!


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Ok, I am breathing again. I found this email and I gave them a piece of my mind!!! I love the Sci-Fi channel the way it is. But even without changes I am boycotting due to the obvious lack of brain power they displayed by not picking up Jericho.

And Moonlight???The only other show I got into this year???


Here send Sci-Fi an email. Tell angry Vixen sent you, lol
Anonymous said…
LOL - this is the second post I've read tonight lamenting the idjits at the Sci Fi Channel. Typical.
Anonymous said…
oh sorry!
Anonymous said…
Vixen: ooohh good plan! Stupid old sci fi! What are they thinkin???

Julia: I'm glad to know it wasn't just pregnancy related hormones that made me want to set up a protest of mass proportions. ;)

Motherhood: *sniffles* thank you

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