Wireless Allergy

Wireless Allergy?

Okay, so we probably don't have the slightest idea what we're doing to our bodies by filling the air with wireless signals of all types, but radio, tv, and the like has been coursing through us for around a 100 years and we seem to be okay.

I just have to wonder if these people who are "allergic" to wireless get the same reaction everywhere they go or only those places that they know there is wireless. I don't know if you've ever turned on a wireless receiver and driven down the street before, but if you live in any kind of developed area you're likely to get a new signal every 50 feet or so! I usually pick up about 3 different networks in Walmart alone!

I'm not saying I'm any kind of expert on the subject of the effects wireless on the human body. I'm just say, it makes you go hmmmmm...


Anonymous said…
When I quit laughing, I'll think of something witty to say........ LOL
Anonymous said…
Hey! Didn't I leave a funny, witty comment about being allergic to work here yesterday?

Hmph, I must be having comment hallucinations.
Anonymous said…
I think that's actually an interesting question. But as you point out, radio waves have been okay so far. Hopefully wireless are similar emanations.
Anonymous said…
Jenn: hehe

Vixen: I hate when that happens! *hallucinates that she giggles riotously at the hallucinated witty comment* You're so funny! ;)

Julia: Let's hope so!

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