My Civilized Little Man

I made my boys some lunch of the ever popular Kraft Mac and Cheese and put it on their plates, then I put Nicky's on the table and Finn's on the floor. I didn't want to deal with dragging out the high chair and between the puppies and I we can clean up any mess. So Nicky sat at the table and cleaned his plate pretty quickly and Finn was chilling on the floor eating.

I was noticing, not for the first time, how well he used his spoon. Now Nicky knew how to use a spoon from the time he was pretty small, but he just really couldn't be bothered. He would much rather just cram the food into his mouth. Not now, of course, but when he was Finn's age.

Then Finn looked up at me and then at Nicky sitting at the table and stood up. He picked up his plate and walked over to the table and put his plate up on it then went back and got his spoon. He then proceeded to eat his food from the table even though he wasn't even tall enough to actually see his plate. hehehe

He then turned to me and gave me this look like, "What do you think I am, Mother? An animal?" LMAO So I guess he'll be sitting in his high chair from now on. I don't want to offend his delicate sensibilities. ;)


Julia said…
What a smart cutie patootie! He knows he should be up there! I can just see his little eyeballs peeking over the top of the table and his bangs framing the top of this eyes.
Amanda said…
heh heh heh... I love it when they do stuff like that.
Oh, man! He showed you, huh?

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