Suri in Heels

Okay, so there have been lots of pictures surfacing of Suri Cruise wearing high heels.

Look, if you've got a problem with this, then you've obviously never been or raised a fru fru 3 year old girl. They probably got these as part of a costume, since Halloween is just around the corner, and she wouldn't wear anything else.

I don't know if you've ever had a 3 year old, but they can be VERY insistent when they want their way. And seriously people, you've got to pick your battles. She might have wanted to wear the whole flapper Halloween outfit out, and they compromised on the shoes.

It's not like she was indecent! I remember once I made a "skirt" on my sewing machine when I was a little girl. It consisted of a piece of stretchy fabric that was sewn on one side to make something akin to a mini skirt, but ummmm let's just say it wouldn't have been appropriate to wear in public. So my mother obviously didn't let me leave the house in it. I, however, do remember going to the store with my mom in my sparkly plastic Barbie heels. It caused no lasting damage. My feet are just fine and so is my back. And damn I thought I was all that and a bag of chips in those heels. hehehe

And as for that particular link where she's drinking starbucks...come on people! Have you ever been to starbucks? They don't just sell coffee. She probably had hot chocolate.

Stop picking on those poor people! I'm sure they're perfectly fine parents. They obviously adore their little girl.


Jennifer Shirk said…
Yeah, I have a fru fru little girl so believe me if she didn't want to wear them, they'd be off in a heartbeat. :)
Lesley Speller said…
Indeed! I couldn't keep Finn in shoes forever! Now I can't keep him from putting on everyone elses...LOL
Amanda said…
Back when my younger son was 3 or 4, I let him leave the house wearing red plaid flannel boxer shorts and a blue tie-dyed t-shirt. Willingly. Repeatedly, even. It was his favorite outfit (oy!). There are some hills on which I'm just not willing to die, and my child's fashion sense is one of 'em.
Julia said…
We've got the barbie heels. Ella would wear them to the barn in horse manure if I let her.

Lesley Speller said…
Amanda: Definitely! If they take their vitamin and eat SOMETHING, then I could care less what they're wearing. (But my husband should still endeavor to see that they match if he's dressing him...a skill he refuses to learn!)

Julia: Wouldn't we all! :-D No wait...I hate heels. Nevermind. ;) hehehe

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