Happy 4th Birthday, Nicholai!


Amanda said…
I loved four :) Old enough to carry a conversation, young enough to still have that look of absolute wonder... it's just an awesome age.
Julia said…
Yeah!!! and no sickness to get in the way of it all! He looks really really happy.
What a little doll! Funny, for some reason I remember being 4 and being super eager to turn 5 so I could be one of the big kids. I felt very grown up on my 5th birthday. LOL So enjoy this final year of Nicholai being a little kid! ;-)
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Amanda: hehehe I can carry on conversations with him when he's not completely ignoring me! ;) Apparently mommy's aren't very interesting LOL

Julia: Well Finn actually had the flu, but Nicky was feeling fine. I refuse to say that we're all well cause I know what that will lead to... :-D

Susan: Aww thanks. He's my sweetie pie. Wow he'll be a big kid? I guess 5 is when you start school so that's pretty big. hehe

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