My Flapper Wig

As you might recall, I decided to go as a flapper for Halloween this year. Actually I might be a Fairy Goth Mother, but I am now prepared to be either. hehehe So here is my flapper wig as well as my great grandmother again who was my flapper inspiration.

I love costumes!


Amanda said…
Methinks I spy a bit of family resemblance there :)
Anonymous said…
I love the wig. Flapper seems to be a popular one this year. Maybe I will do it too!
Julia said…
That wig is SO cool!! I love it. You look great wearing it. Seriously.
Lesley Speller said…
Amanda, you can't tell from the picture of course, but everyone tells me we had exactly the same skin. So I guess she couldn't go out for more than ten minutes either. LOL

Vickie, thanks! Maybe it's all the mafia wars addicts... hehehe You'd be an adorable flapper!

Julia, thanks! I love it!
Anna J. Evans said…
Two beautiful ladies! Those pictures are gorgeous!


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