For Today

Found this over on Katie J's blog and it looked fun.

Outside my window... the mountains are a patchwork of beautiful fall colors
I am thinking… I can't wait for my hubby to get home with my gyro
I am thankful for… my wonderful kiddos and awesome husband and fabu friends
In my kitchen… it smells like Nicky's popcorn
I am wearing… argyle knee high socks, grey capri workout pants, and a lavender top (LMAO This was hard to admit! I did just finish running though so I deserve a break from style.)
I am creating… a book called Dark Waters
I am going… to eat my gyro as soon as my husband gets home! Hush! I'm focused!
I am reading… Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans
I am hoping… to be at my goal weight next summer (I stole that one from Katie J, but I am hoping that too!)
I am hearing… Nicky telling me he wants to watch El Perro and El Gato and Finn snoring
Around the house… there are things I need to do...but I'm not gonna.
One of my favorite things right now… chillin with my boys
A few plans for the weekend… ummmm.....I have no plans :D
A picture to share… This is an ADORABLE picture of Nicky and Kaida at the Lake Fayetteville trail where we went for a walk yesterday. They loved the bridge.


Anonymous said…
I want fall colors, popcorn and argyle socks right NOW. Oh and the weather to go with the fall colors and the need to wear sock.

Blink your genie eyes, and get right on that would you? Might as well bring me a gyro to, I've always wanted to try one.
Lesley Speller said…
The colors here are always truly amazing. They're a bit on the muted side this year, but still lovely! And go get a gyro first chance you get! They are scrumptious!
Katie J ♥ said…
Glad you had fun with that cuz I did too and Lesley I can't wait until next summer! You AND I will be at goal!!
Lesley Speller said…
Katie: Indeed we will!
Julia said…
I am loving your work out attire... :)

I must confess to wearing mens boxer shorts and a t shirt lately. Very comfortable.
Lesley Speller said…
Julia: Comfort is key. ;) And cute socks are vital to my existence. hehehe

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