Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 231
Loss: 3
Total Loss: 41

Yayyyy! I'm back to where I was before summer.

How did she lose 3 pounds in one week you say? With no special diet or exercise? I'll tell you! Thanks to the handy dandy stomach flu! You can do it too! But I don't recommend it! Felt like I was gonna die! And we ALL had it! Nicky got sick Thursday. Finn and I got sick Saturday and Bryon got sick Sunday! Have I mentioned how completely through I am with everyone being sick??? Cause really it's getting old!

I didn't run Monday, but finished about half of my run yesterday before Nicky pushed Finn and he landed on the Busy Ball Popper leaving a big mark on his poor forehead. He looks like Voldemort attacked him! Poor little guy!

I almost finished all the painting in my bathroom. There are a few things that need to be touched up still. And I've GOT to finish making the fondant for Nicky's Castle cake for his party. Hell it's already Wednesday. I probably need to start baking already. Oy! Such a busy busy week!

Hope you are all doing well!


Jennifer Shirk said…
The stomach flu, eh? I need to remember that. LOL!

I had to stop running the last two days. My one knee feels disjointed. Wah.
Lesley Speller said…
Eek! That is never a good sign! I hope it's better soon!

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