Just Call Me Plumber Lesley :-D

Okay, we had a very slow leak in our bathroom behind the faucet. I kept accusing my husband of just splashing the wall when he showered, but when the dry wall started getting damaged and started to mold I had to admit that in fact there was something wrong...

So out of sheer fear of the cost of a plumber we decided to give it a shot ourselves. First I did some research on how to cut through dry wall. Then I did some research on how faucets are made. Then I went in to check what kind of attachment our faucet had and when I was checking the faucet basically fell off in my hand. So upon further investigation it was made obvious that the solder had gone bad. Actually it had probably just been badly soldered from the beginning at that joint.

So then I was like OH CRAP! This is a copper pipe and when I started looking at copper pip installation it became obvious that you have to solder to fix a joint on a copper pipe. Well here's the thing... In order to solder I'd have to completely take the bathroom apart. Something I REALLY wanted to avoid. Not even to mention that my soldering skills are not great. Like non-existent really... I did really want the blow torch I found at lowes though because you can use it for cooking prep too and I had all these visions of the blown sugar creations I could make. Still may go get that puppy! But I digress...

Upon further googling this issue with REALLY not wanting to solder, I found these.

SharkBites plumbing joints

I was very skeptical...A joint that doesn't require any special tool? You just stick the pipe in both ends? AND It's removable??? I just didn't see how that would be water tight in the long run. Google came to the rescue yet again. Google, I love you! Apparently no one has ever had trouble with them. Plumbers even use them! So I went to lowes and they had a version of them called GatorBites. They are so awesome!!! So easy!!!! I can't sing their praises enough! If you ever need to connect copper pipes then get these! If you're doing a whole house you're probably better off with the much cheaper soldering if you're skilled enough, because they're not really cheap about 5 bucks a joint, but they are so easy even the cheapskate that I am I would buy them. And did I mention removeable!!! It's awesome!

So it took SIX trips to Lowes, but we found everything we needed. I found some great help there too. I'm sure the guys I talked to about the gatorbites thought I was pathetic. LOL I was so nervous! But they assured me I could do it, and indeed hubby and I did!

So after the wall boards had time to dry out completely I put the new sheet rock up in the damaged sections. It looks great if I do say so myself! One more sanding left and I can paint! Yay!

I'm so proud of us!

And the total for the plumbing supplies was only 53 bucks!!!

I'm not sure how much all the sheet rock stuff cost, but I'm guessing even with tools and paint it wasn't more than 50 either.

I feel so brave and accomplished! Yay, us! Wonder what I need to fix next... Oh there are a couple light fixtures I'd like to replace. I wonder if I'm brave enough to try electricity...

We shall see! hehehe


Julia said…
Whoa Nelly....Please stay away from electricity. It's much less forgiving than plumbing.

Congrats on getting the pipes fixed without solder. I helped Mike do all our plumbing about 8 years ago. NOT FUN!
Lesley Speller said…
Yeah maybe I should make my daddy help me with that... :-D And of course I would turn off the power to the room before hand. ;)

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