Conversations with a 17 Month Old

Finn has started having full blown conversations, and it's so much fun! Nicky didn't talk nearly this early so it always surprises when Finn belts out a full sentence.

There were two particularly adorable conversations we have had. The other day a box came in the mail with Finn's Christmas present from his Uncle Dave. It was a BIG box with a picture of the gift on the side. So I hauled it in and set it in the middle of the living room, and Finn immediately toddled over to it and began his exploration of the box. When he'd perused all of its sides, he looked up at me and said very clearly, "Mine?"

I smiled and nodded, "Yes, it's yours."

Finn got this GIANT grin on his face and kinda did a little happy dance, then he said, "Mama, OPEN IT! It's MINE!"

It was so cute I almost collapsed. hehehehe

Then the other conversation was this morning.

He sleeps in bed with me, and we have another mattress on the floor because inevitably Nicky comes in and wants to sleep with us too so Bryon crashes with him on the mattress on the floor. Finn woke up in a particularly good mood, which isn't really unusual for him when he sleeps pretty well through the night. He rolled over and started playing with my hair (He's obsessed with hair) and grinning and giggling at me. After a couple of minutes he decided that I wasn't entertaining enough since I was trying to snooze still so he sat up and started trying to crawl over me, which of course I wouldn't let him do as that would put him too close to the edge. So he stood up on his tip toes and screamed, "Dadddddddyyyyyy!?!?!"

So I shushed him so he didn't wake up Daddy since Bryon's sick.

He looked at me and said, "I give him kiss!"

Which was almost so cute I had to let him wake him up. LOL


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