A post in which I whine...A LOT

We're all sick again. Head cold that moves into the chest thing. I've been hacking up a lung for 2 days and before that for a couple of days my head was so stopped up I was completely off balance. Finn has been sniffly since like tuesday of last week, but he started coughing and wheezing yesterday so to avoid an emergency room visit I took him to the late hours at the pediatric clinic. Good thing too because we were definitely headed for another emergency room visit if I hadn't. He is now on steroids, antibiotics, and an albuterol inhaler. So I've been having to hold him down with a mask over his face every four to six hours to breath in his meds. That's almost as fun as holding the new kitten by the scruff of the neck to put meds down his throat and drops in his eyes. Did I mention that he was sick too? Oh yes, nd eye infection likely caused by a kitty virus. Great way to welcome him into our home. He at least doesn't bite and scratch me like Aine would if I was doing it to her. Well he has scratched me a few times but that was unintentional in his attempts to escape.

Oh yeah, Nicky's sick too. But the left over gung ho congestion meds he had from last time he was sick kept his from getting to bad, thank goodness.

So basically the only time I haven't had a house full of sick people in months was the two weeks when my house was full of guests. Which is good and bad...since during those two weeks I didn't really have time to recover my sanity and energy.

So please please please powers that be...I'd really appreciate it if you would stop dumping these viruses on my doorstep. Pretty please? I think we've had our share now.

See I told you there would be whining. :-D

*Goes off to find a bubble big enough to encase the whole house*


I wish you all (even the kitty) would just get better already! When I left the comment on the post below this one, my captcha word was FLU BED. Irony?
Katie J ♥ said…
Hang in there Lesley!
Anonymous said…
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Julia said…
Germ factories they are... There is no avoiding this. I am with you too. We're snuffling too.
Lesley Speller said…
Vixen: Good Lord that's Ironic!!!

Katie: Doing my best. :-D

Julia: It's like two weeks later and we're still sick! Ugh!

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