Cougar Hunting

I tweeted this, but it was so good I had to blog it so it would be easily accessible to tease my son with for years to come.

So my hubby just got an Xbox360, and he has been downloading demos left and right. One of the downloads was a hunting game. One of those Cabella's ones. They'd been playing it or a while, and I came in from cooking and sat down on the couch and I hear this conversation take place.

*There is a fawn standing next to a buck on the screen*
Nicky: Daddy! Don't shoot the baby deer!
Bryon: I didn't.
Nicky: Are you going to shoot his Daddy?
Bryon: It's not his Daddy, Nicky. It's his uncle. (Apparently killing family members is okay so long as they're not in the immediate family...)
*Bryon shoots and kills the buck*
Nicky: Daddy, why did that baby deer run away?
Me under my breath: Ummm...cause you shot his Daddy?

Not too long later when they're shooting bunnies I hear...

Bryon: Next we're going to hunt cougars.
Nicky gets this really strange look on his face and says..."We're going to hunt Hot Old Ladies?"

At which point the room dissolved into uncontrollable laughter. Apparently Bryon has been enlightening his son on subjects that perhaps are a bit above a four year old... LMAO

So that brings up the question... What does one use as bait when hunting a Cougar?

Vodka was suggested, but I think a life size cardboard cut out of Jacob from New Moon with no shirt on would be the most effective. How about you?


Julia said…
Insane funny! Love this one. :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Hilarious! Adn yeah, Jacob--or Patrick Dempsey works for me! LOL
Jacob. It's a sure catch.
Anonymous said…
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Ms Snarky Pants said…
Julia: He's gonna be a real comic when he grows up hehehe Nothing pleases him more than making people laugh.

Jennifer: Patrick Dempsey is really quite lovely. hehehe

Vixen: I agree! hehe

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