Holiday Wonder

I've been a busy girl lately so I Haven't been blogging as much as I should, but here is what I have been doing...

Taking Nicky on the Santa Train.

Once a year this excursion train takes kids on 1 hour rides complete with Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, and the Santa Secret Service. We had lots of fun. Finn was supposed to come too, but he wasn't feeling well that day so he stayed home with his Daddy.

Taking the boys to see the lights at the square. We went to the Christmas parade and the lighting of the square and recently went back when there were less people.

Nicky rode the camel.

And his favorite pony.

And Finn rode a pony for the VERY first time. He was a litttttle unsure about it.

Nicky and I decorated our very first Gingerbread House. It was lots of fun and was VERY messy! I'm going to be cleaning up sprinkles until the end of time!

Oh and I managed to finally get Finn's stocking done! Only a year late. ;) Oh well, he has one now. hehehe

What has everyone been doing to prepare for the holidays?


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