Thursday Thirteen #44

13 Ideas for Girls' Night Out

My girls and I were coming up with a list of things that would be fun to do for our Girls' Nights/Days so I figured, Hey! What a great Thursday 13!

1. Ice Skating
2. Paint Your Own Pottery
3. Horseback Riding
4. Visit Wineries
5. Putt Putt
6. Visiting a Tea Room
7. Tie Dye Party
8. Sewing Party
9. Roller Skating
10. Beading Party
11. Scrapbooking Party
12. Bowling
13. Movies


Geez. I think I need to hang with you. All the women I know around here talk about going out to dinner and having more than a few drinks and whee! Isn't this fun?
Jennifer Shirk said…
Those sound great!
Or you can have a day at the Spa! Or maybe at least a nail salon and then go grab a fatty dinner together. :)
Vixen said…
Now I want to go bowling in a tie-dyed shirt I sewed myself. Ha ha. Great list. And I really do want to go bowling now.
Julia Smith said…
Tie Dye Party - woo! I'm coming over for that.

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