Thursday Thirteen #45 - and my 300th Post!

13 Random Posts That Caught my Eye from my First 299

1. This is my very first test blog!
Not at all exciting, but it was my VERY first.
2. Mommy's Little Paleontologist
Yup, he is still obsessed with rocks!
3. Well Behaved Women?
I just really dig this picture!
4. Norman London and Shameless Promotion!
Because I just can't say enough nice things about the Norman London book!
5. Thursday Thirteen #1 very first TT!
6. Are Templar swords really meant for slaying serpents? Methinks not!
This was a very strange experience...
7. I Love You, Bryon!!!
I figure it is worth repeating. *looks at her ring longingly* I can't wait til my fingers stop being swollen so I can wear it again! Ah the joys of pregnancy.
8. It could have gone one of three ways...
A chronicle of the worst plane trip ever that didn't end in death.
9. My Son the Locksmith!
Crazy boy!
10. The Royal Guard Incident
Cause Nicky is so darn cute!
11. Razorback Scooter Gang
Go Hogs!
12. I'm a Farmer's Daughter! I should have some idea of how to grow things!
My gardening woes... Again this year my basil died... Stupid freezing temperature!
13. This Woman is so Cool
No! Really! She's cool!


Anonymous said…
I still remember my first pregnancy when the doctor threatened to cut mine off. She left the room to get a cutting tool and I yanked like crazy until it came off. I made it just as she walked back into the room.
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS on 300 posts! All of those were great posts. Truly though I can't stop giggling at the idea of you (or anyone) guarding a snake with a templar sword while googling one-handed. It sounds exactly like something that would happen at my house.
Anonymous said…
I love your 2nd paleontologist post! Congratulations on 300 - here's to many, many more.
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Ha, I definitely remember the last 5.

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