"Honey, could you stop and get me some medicine on the way home from work?"

My friend Crystal just sent me a most interesting piece of medical research. Possibly the most interesting I've read recently.

Dark chocolate lowers your risk of Pre-Eclampsia in pregnancy!

Now what better reason could I possibly have for having a nice bit of chocolate every day?


Vixen said…
It's gosh darn medicinal!!! He should stop and get you tons! For medical reasons, of course.
Me said…
Mmmmmm he did stop. I wasn't quite tons but it'll do. ;) Yummmy medicine!
Jenn said…
Reminds me of this story:


Splitting the link so it doesn't get lost
Carolan Ivey said…
Dark chocolate, and 2 oz. of red wine a day. I'll take it! [grin]

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