Hey! I said STOP IT!

I think my plea for no more rain has gone unheard!!!

Flooding Shuts Down School in DeWitt and Stuttgart

Yeah, so DeWitt is where I grew up and Stuttgart is where my parents live...

I don't remember it ever flooding except on some really low lying spots growing up. It's just nuts!


Anonymous said…
I couldn't sleep last night, was too worried I was going to have to start defending my front door from the water! My welcome mat floated around in about an inch of water by my door.

I left the trash can out by the curb and measured 6 inches of water this morning.
Anonymous said…
Somehow it all seems enchanting when it's happening in Piglet's house...
Anonymous said…
Jenn: I'm afraid to say it for fear of reprisal, but at least at the moment things seem to be drying out. *knocks loudly on wood* I still can't believe there were two tornados within 10 miles of my house and the darn weather people never even issued a watch!!!

Julia: Piglet makes everything seem enchanting. hehe

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