Thursday Thirteen #46

Yes, I know there are still many, many days until my little guy's due, but I'm an obsessive compulsive list maker. :-D So I figured why not start now. If anyone else has any suggestions, please share!

13 Things on my Hospital Bag List

  1. Travel size assortment of toiletries
    When I told my husband today that he had to get a travel size toothbrush and deodorant today, he told me that he would just add his stuff to the bag when the time came. I laughed at him and we left the store with travel size stuff for him too. Silly husband! With Nicky I didn't even get to go get my bag! I was at work when they called me and told me I HAD to come to the hospital RIGHT THEN because of the test for pre-eclampsia they'd just run…even though it sat there all day until I called them to find out the results and they remembered to actually do it.
  2. A robe
    How can you go to the hospital without a robe? Mine is fuzzy and pink.
  3. Slippers
    Yes, they match the robe.
  4. Pre-paid phone card
    I think we somehow managed not to get this last time. That was pretty lame considering the only way to call DH's parents in Denmark is with a phone card.
  5. Ibuprofen
    It's a hospital…but last time DH got a headache and there was none to be had.
  6. Binkies
    We didn't have these last time either. I wasn't aware that most hospitals have them. Doh! We're taking them anyway just to be sure.
  7. Finn's Carseat
    Can't leave the hospital without it. :-D
  8. Finn's Coming Home Outfit
    So darn cute!
  9. Pony tail holders
    Cause when your working hard you sure don't want your hair in your face!
  10. Gum
    Because nothing is worse than being denied water when you're working your booty off. Stupid rule that one!!! And I have somewhat of an addiction to drinking water. Even if my body doesn't need fluid I drink a ton of it. Maybe gum will at least keep my mouth from drying out cause me and those ice chips they don't jive.
  11. Camera
    For totally cute baby pictures.
  12. Glasses
    In case they make me take my contacts out. If I can find the darn things…
  13. Comfy lounge clothes
    Cause nothings worse than feeling crumby and having uncomfy clothes!


Anonymous said…
Brings back memories! Good luck and best wishes!
Anonymous said…
I also always have my digital camera in my bag :D

Will you visit mine Thanks
Anonymous said…
14. Your parents and best friends!
Anonymous said…
Great planning ahead. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
You are SET. The only thing I'd include is something to read. I did NOT sleep well in the hospital, so I'd read most of the night.
Anonymous said…
I'd add reading material or an iPod to the list!
Anonymous said…
No reading material?

Otherwise, it sounds like you're all set. :)
Anonymous said…
You are well prepared!

I don't get that no aspirin at the hospital thing. When Ladybug was being born on night two of labor at 2am my son had a terrible toothache (was an abscess). He had to actually leave and go find an all night 7-11 to get some pain reliever!

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