My Husband...The City Boy

Now my darling husband spent most of his life growing up in Copenhagen so I understand that the WILDS of Arkansas can be intimidating, even to a big, brave, strong man such as himself. However, I was throughly amused by the situation that arose the other evening.

I was taking a nice, relaxing bath. Nicky was already snoozing away, and big brave hubby was taking the dogs out for their evening excursion into the backyard. He came in with a horrible look on his face and said with a great deal of concern, "I saw something moving under the leaves and moved them out of the way, and there was a giant scorpion under them."

I was raised in the country, and though I have never seen a scorpion I learned at a young age to have a healthy respect for all wildlife. So I responded with, "Well then leave it alone."

"No," he insisted, "if I leave it alone it could come in the back door or sting one of the dogs." Let me add here that it wasn't even that near the back door, so unless it launched itself through the air in a mad attack, its hurting the dogs was very unlikely.

"Well, just make sure the dogs stay away from it when you get them in and don't let it in the door! Didn't anyone ever teach you to leave wild animals alone? Especially the kind that sting."

That won me a sound glare. He went outside again to get the dogs from the fenced in area, and I wasn't sure whether or not he would actually leave it alone.

A few minute later he came back with a look of confusion gracing his handsome features. "I don't think it's a scorpion."

"Oh, really?" As I said, I have lived her my entire life and never seen a scorpion. Now that doesn't mean we don't have them, but they are certainly not common.

"It kind of looks like a tiny lobster."

At this point I dissolved into giggles. I then explained to him that what he'd seen was, in fact, not a scorpion at all but a Crayfish, more commonly known where I grew up as a crawdad.

To which he responded, "Oh, like the ones that live down in the ditch."

I spent a good portion of my childhood playing with crawdads and various other water creatures that I captured in the reservoir behind the house I grew up in. I've never heard of them mistaken for scorpions before but I can see the similarities if you don't see their tails. hehe

I love you, Sweetie!


Anonymous said…
Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Those killer better watch out or the dogs could get hurt!
Anonymous said…

Maybe I can find a crawdad playtoy for Finn and Nicky, hehehehe. Would be fun to taunt him with for a while!
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Yeah, they might get their noses pinched!

Jenn: hehe That would be cruel...Go for it!

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