Coming Home Outfit

So here is my little guys coming home outfit. I hope it fits. They didn't have one of the strictly newborn, so I got a 0-3 months. It might be a bit big on him, but I'll bet it'll be cute. I just love the tiny little booties! The blankee wasn't actually part of the set, but I thought it matched smashingly. It's sooo soft. It's made out of that microplush stuff. I think that's what they call it. So snuggly!

This adorable little outfit is from one of my best girlfriend's, Amanda. It's toooo cute. I lurv puppies!


Anonymous said…
Those are so adorable. Those little booties!!! Too cute.

Man o' man, I hope I get to dress a little boy this time.
Anonymous said…
Very sweet!
Anonymous said…
Vixen: The booties were the deciding factor. hehehe *Fingers crossed for a baby grandson in your near future*

Jennifer: Thanks! I just love em!

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