Baby Stuff! And Walmart is Silly!

I must be nesting because my best friend's due date is looming near, because it's still AGES until this little dude will make his arrival. Yes, ages I say! Pay no attention to the ticker with the countdown to your right. It's ages I tell you!

Anyway, I finished cleaning out my bedroom closet, so that I can clean out the guest room closet, so that I can clean out the boy's playroom/future bedroom closet, so that I have somewhere to put my children's clothes.

I also got some little bottles with drop in liners. I'm planning on nursing, but last time it took my milk almost a week to come in. They kept telling me to keep trying, and I had no intention of giving up but looking back I sure as heck would have given him some formula before I did. Poor little guy lost 15 oz that first week. He was a tiny little guy and only weighed 5 lbs 15 oz when he was born because of the pre-eclampsia. This time I'm going with my instincts and forgetting what the doctors and nurses say. Nicky had no trouble going back and forth between bottle and mommy. Ideally this time it won't be an issue at all, but I'm going to be prepared for it this go around. I've also got a new Isis (No, for those of you who know me well I didn't just buy it cause of the cool Egyptian name) pump that got rave reviews and a good storage system for freezing.

Sunday after going out to eat with my girls, we went by Kohl's, and I found a great little going home outfit for Finn. It's adorable. It has a little sleeper, cute slippers, a hat, a bib, and a matching blanket. Pictures will come later, but my camera bit the dust and I'm still waiting for the new one I ordered to come in.

Which brings me to an annoying point. Walmart is just silly! I found the camera I wanted on and saw they had a replacement warranty for 3 years which I wanted because if it lasts three years then I figure it's lived up to its expected lifespan quite nicely. Mine that just died lived four years. It was a good camera. So I went to the store to buy it, and they had the camera but it's not available with a warranty from the store... So they suggested I order it online and have it sent site to store so I could get the warranty too. Which I did, and even though they have it in the store and I'm going to pick it up FROM THE SAME STORE I have to wait for them to ship it from like California or somewhere so I can pick it up at the store where they already have it...

Well anyway maybe it'll be pretty fast.

So now all I desperately need for the little man is a new car seat and stroller and I'm pretty much set. Back to my nesting now. hehehe


Vixen said…
Well that sounds pretty silly on their part!

Nesting is fun.
Me said…
Exhausting! But fun. hehe :D
Jenn said…
*stares at two partially put together diaper cakes* Remind me to work on that tomorrow! Errr.... today?

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